The Academy of Music in Lodz belongs to the leading higher schools of music in Poland. Its history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. After WWII the institution was reactivated and since that time plays an essential role in creating the music life of the city and region. The patrons of the Academy are outstanding artists born in Lodz: a famous composer and violinist, Grażyna Bacewicz and her brother, Kiejstut Bacewicz, a pianist, chamber musician and teacher, the rector of the institution for many years.

Over seventy years of its activity, the Academy of Music in Lodz educated a broad array of eminent personalities in the world of music; an array of artists who made the name of their Alma Mater famous in Poland and all over the world and who successfully testify to a high level of Polish music education. Among its renowned graduates there are such artists as Jan Krenz, Urszula Kryger, Teresa Kubiak, Piotr Pławner, Kazimierz Serocki, Wanda Wiłkomirska, Teresa Żylis-Gara, and many others.
The Senate of the Academy of Music conferred the greatest academic honour – the honoris causa doctorate in Musical Arts – on twelve distinguished artists, significant personalities of music life of Lodz and the Academy: Aleksander Tansman (1986), Prof. Kiejstut Bacewicz (1993), Prof. Zenon Płoszaj (1996), Prof. Franciszek Wesołowski (1999), Prof. Teresa Kubiak (2005), Prof. Wanda Wiłkomirska (2006), Jerzy Semkow (2013), Prof. Zygmunt Krauze (2015), Prof. Stanisław Firlej (2015), Prof. Teresa Żylis-Gara (2016), Irena Santor (2017) and Jan Krenz (2018).

The Academy of Music is located in a historic palace, which gives the place timeless charm and creates a unique atmosphere to study and perform. At the same time, the Academy modernizes and develops its infrastructure for better comfort of present and prospective students.
In October 2013, the Academy officially opened a newly-built Concert Hall with great acoustics, excellent recording and sound system equipment, a professional recording studio and broad didactic base.
At the beginning of the academic year of 2014/2015, in a close proximity of the palace, we opened a modern new building of the Regional Centre for Culture, Education and Music Documentation, which will significantly broaden educational and cultural offer of the institution. On four floors of the new building, one may find a chamber hall for 200 people, a library and sound recordings library, a recording studio, a sound laboratory, numerous practice rooms and lecture halls.

Currently, the Academy is carrying out a wide-ranging project, worth 20 million zloty, involving purchase of numerous instruments: grand pianos, woodwinds and brass, string, percussion and early instruments (including two harpsichords), organ and electronic keyboard instruments.

Every year the Academy organizes numerous artistic and scholarly events, i.a. symphonic, oratorio or chamber concerts, as well as opera stagings, musical and dance performances, AŻ Festival, Musica Moderna sessions, Lodz Bach Marathon and artistic-scholarly conferences. Within the walls of the Academy the following events are frequently held: “Music Evenings”, concerts of the series “Con tres”, “Harpsichord and early music”, “Youth Stage”, “Jazz ex cathedra”, “Organ Evenings” and an educational cycle “The Academy Full of Sound”. Young musicians from Poland and abroad are very interested in music competitions organized by the Academy of Music in Lodz, i.a. Kiejstut Bacewicz International Chamber Music Competition, Grażyna Bacewicz International Composers Competition and Grażyna Bacewicz International Violin Competition.

The Academy closely co-operates with many institutions of culture in Lodz and its region, i.a. Lodz theatres, museums and philharmonic hall. The students are offered with opportunities of comprehensive artistic and professional deve lopment through participation in various projects realized by many artistic ensembles active in the Academy: a symphonic orchestra, a string orchestra, a Baroque orchestra, a big band, and a classical brass orchestra, choirs, percussion ensembles, rhythmic and dance groups.

The Academy offers the highest quality education provided by high level specialists who give classes in instrumental and vocal performance, composition, eurhythmics, choreography and music therapy, as well as experienced teachers giving lectures on music theory. The study program is often enriched with additional master classes, seminars, workshops, or lectures (many of them given by visiting professors from renowned institutions from all over the world).

The Academy of Music in Lodz actively participates in the Erasmus+ Programme, which gives every student the possibility to study at a chosen partner institution. The list of Erasmus+ partnerships comprises over 60 higher education schools, i.a. in Austria, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland and other countries. Apart from the Erasmus exchange programme, our students often participate in various workshops, competitions and master classes abroad.

The Academy extends its international contacts as a long-time member of AEC (The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen). We are also a member of the European Opera Academy – a platform for professional opera and musical theatre education. On the basis of individual agreements and projects, our institution also cooperates with some Chinese conservatoires, education agencies and culture centres (i.a. Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xiamen).